Experienced CFO in New York

A New York City, New York-based senior finance executive with fiscal oversight experience at major media brands with revenue exceeding $1 billion, David Geithner is the EVP Strategy & Business Development at On Location.  Read More.

Mr. Geithner previously served five years as chief financial officer at Condé Nast, which produces leading print, digital, and video brands including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker.

How to Exercise Safely in Hot Weather

When the weather becomes warmer, many people take their fitness routine outdoors. From skipping rope to jumping on park benches, it’s possible to achieve many of your fitness goals without stepping inside of a gym. In fact, changing your workout routine by heading outside can be a great way to overcome a fitness plateau. But… Continue Reading

The Important Role of Sleep in Fitness and Health

When it comes to being healthy, diet and exercise play important roles. However, too often we limit our thinking about health to these factors. Sleep plays a crucial role in overall health, and it can affect your fitness and athletic ability as well. How Sleep Affects Health According to the US Centers for Disease Control… Continue Reading

How to Make the Most of Isometric Exercises: A Quick Guide

These days, most people have very little time to commit to a lengthy workout. Very few people have hours to spend on a grueling, demanding regimen at the gym. Fortunately, getting the most out of your workout doesn’t have to take a ton of equipment or even require a gym membership. Isometric exercises are exercises… Continue Reading